July 7th, 2007

short hair


In the "things that might not have been such a good idea" category, this morning I finally got sick of the fact that the left side of my hair has always looked and felt funny. It seemed longer than the right side of my hair -- so I trimmed it.

Now, of course, the right side of my hair looks like it may be too long. Although the right side is supposed to "swoop" more in the front, the bits by my ears are supposed to be the same length. I like things somewhat symmetrical. So far it hasn't done the weird sticking-out thing that the left side was doing, but we'll see if it starts bothering me too much.

There is potential here that may not end well at all....

Video Test

This is an experiment, to see if I can successfully navigate my way into the mysterious world of YouTube.

If it works, this will be a glimpse of my hip-hop performance back in 2003....

[Edit: Hey cool, it worked! This is just a few camera-video clips with delays inbetween, taken ages ago by Chad (my camera at the time only would take very short movies), and edited together by Shane. But it's still pretty nifty. I'm on the left.]