July 9th, 2007



I miss my kitty! Which is silly, because I never see my kitties this time of day. But knowing he's at the vet, not at home, makes me miss him.

He's fine though, just having a tooth extracted. And he'll be having a nice bath, and all of his dead fur combed out. I'm sure he doesn't think any of this is "fine", but he'll be okay. He'll just be a much smaller kitty when I take him home tonight after work.

He'll still be a 17 pound smaller kitty, but less fluffy. He's not fat, just big-boned.

In other news, I talked to my adviser and successfully negotiated my way down to just ONE additional database course, instead of the FOUR they wanted me to take. Instead I can take more programming stuff. Much more reasonable, and now this will be much closer to my education goals. Happiness!

Kitty Dental Work

Well my kitty is home again and okay. He had to have his fang removed -- it's a shame because it was really cute, it always stuck out a little bit and made for an amusing facial expression. But he chipped it somehow a long time ago, and it seems to have allowed decay to creep in. I noticed a few weeks ago it was not looking right, had some discoloration. Then last week I decided it was looking quite icky and definitely needed to be removed. The vet agreed.

On the phone they said they'd saved the tooth for me! At first I thought this was a little weird, but then upon thinking it over I thought it'd be cool. I figured that maybe I could drill a little hole in it and have Robin wear it on his collar like a badge of honor or something.

Then I saw the tooth when I picked him up this evening. Eeeew.... I'm definitely not touching that thing. It looks like it's been in somebody's mouth! Not just that, but decaying in somebody's mouth.

You see people wearing shark teeth and alligator teeth and stuff around their necks all the time. Why don't my kitty's teeth look as cool?

Robin hasn't quite decided how he feels about me now. He hasn't been his usual cuddly self, although he has come up for some petting. He keeps walking away though; he won't settle down. I'm sure his mouth hurts. I've seen him licking his lips a bunch. I know how miserable I am when I visit the dentist, so I sympathize.

I'm sure he'll be even more unhappy with me tomorrow, when I'm supposed to give him the first of his antibiotics. I've never pilled a cat before. This should be... an adventure? At least it's my most placid cat. I can't even imagine trying to give Mouse a pill! It'd be a battle of wills to see who died first.