August 31st, 2007


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I'm so sleepy this afternoon! Thank goodness it's friday, and the beginning of a long weekend to boot. Just gotta make it through a few more hours, then I'll have a few days off. That'll be a good thing. I have an exciting weekend planned of laundry, organizing, unpacking, and euchre. It will be good to spend time at home though.

On the plus side, I rode my bike to work today. I miss my European bike though! Twelve continuous days of riding many miles on that bike makes my own feel foreign and unfamiliar. I named my Swiss bike "Blaze". His full name is Blue Blaze of Glory, but I call him Blaze.

The bike I rode today, my bike, is named Red. This weekend I think I'll ride my other bike, Silver Jr. Silver is shaped more like Blaze, but he has a flat tire so he's been on the disabled list while I've been too lazy to fix it.

I'm really just typing in an effort to wake up. I'm drinking Diet Pepsi for the same purpose, but that fact is less self-obvious on the internet.