September 10th, 2007



I was thinking about my earlier post, where I said to my professor, "Please make me learn cool things without working me too hard, and I'll give you an apple." (Something like that.)

Then I continued the conversation in my mind, thusly. "But only if you really do that, otherwise no apple. After all, apples don't grow on trees...."

Oh wait.


Also, new icon.


Also, my brother once remarked that, when changing residences, moving weights is possibly the most ridiculous task.

Today I realized that carrying your weights around in a backpack to take them to class feels equally ridiculous.

Cows in France

The main purpose of this video was to tape the sound of cowbells. It was amazing just how loud and constant they were, yet curiously melodious.

Due to the fact that my travel companions couldn't just be quiet and enjoy the cowbells with me, we also get to see some of them talking, riding, and even getting lost. There are also some horses, and a really steep hill. All the key elements of movie-making.