January 16th, 2008


Working From Home

Learning to Work From Home, the Beginning of an Epic Saga
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It's my blog, so I get to be the hero

Day 1, Monday

Our hero awakes with a jolt and realizes her new future is beginning. She pulls on a pair of stretchy pajama pants and a fleece hoodie. She stumbles downstairs into her office. She needs to clear her brain and check email before her 8:30am daily meeting; her European coworkers have been at work half the day already. She looks in the kitchen - not much food. Eating seems like too much effort anyway. She pours herself a diet coke.

She begins work, pairing with a remote (US-based) coworker via an hours-long voice-over-ip phone call with headset and VNC. It is intense, there is so much to do and learn and think about. She thinks about little else until, blinking in confusion, she realizes they are breaking for lunch. She scrounges the empty kitchen, heats up a watery and unimpressive frozen meal, then returns to her desk.

Going to sleep that night our hero realizes that she forgot to eat breakfast, ate combos for dinner, never showered or put on "real" clothes, never set foot outside the house, and (aside from a 2-mile walk on her treadmill) didn't wear a bra all day. This working from home thing will take some adjustment.

Day 2, Tuesday

Our hero awakens and is shocked by her bed-head. She manages to take a shower before the morning meeting and beginning work. Post shower, she puts on the same jammie-like outer-clothes, but with fresh underpants, a t-shirt, and even a bra! This is practically like being dressed. She eats a protein bar at the desk, pours a diet coke, puts on the headset to call her pair, and begins work.

Emerging from the haze of intense work at the end of the day, our hero realizes that it has been over fifty hours since she has left the house. Ignoring the hermit beginning to take over her brain, she forces herself into a pair of jeans and out the door. She needs groceries, and she needs fresh air! The outside world is startling and foreign to her, but she quickly reacclimates.

Day 3, Wednesday

Our hero awakens and decides that this is the day: she will make coffee. She never much used her coffeemaker in the past, because she just drank office coffee. Now that this is her office, it is time to make her own coffee. She drinks two cups of it, and has a newly-purchased bowl of cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast.

She spends the morning pairing with a European, drinking coffee, then drinking water from a nice tall glass she was able to pull from her very own cupboard. She heats up some tasty newly-purchased pasta for lunch. This is practically like being a grownup or something! Except that she works in her same jammies all day, and only realizes at 7pm that she never put on a bra. At least she had three solid meals for once.

Recognizing once again the siren call of the hermit, she again forces herself into a pair of jeans and hiking boots. Our hero boldly walks through the frigid air, sliding over sidewalk ice, to the local drug store. Then the hardware store, then the library. Then home through the cold again, with a drippy nose but a feeling of accomplishment.

This new job is intense, and knowing so little about everything that needs to be done sucks up the majority of our hero's mental energy and time. But she is enjoying it anyway, learning and even making significant contributions (albeit small ones so far) to the project.

Day 4?

Will our hero make time to shower? Will she wear street clothes at any point during the day? Will she live up to her ambition and go ice skating during a lunch break? Will she make coffee again?? Tune in next time for the answers to these exciting questions and more!