January 20th, 2008



I'm in the airport after a delightful con. Thanks to all! Now it's back to "real life", which in my case involves flying to Boston for work. My pirates were, overall, quite well-behaved. (for pirates I mean) I have plenty of con stories, to be saved for when I'm at a full-sized keyboard.

I was talking to M on the phone a little bit ago, and he made a proclamation. "You are not allowed to wear your green fleece hoodie to go see the circus next week." The oversized green fleece hoodie which I wore every day last week while learning to work from home.

"Oh dear," I said. "I have a confession. I'm wearing it right now."

It's warm and comfy, you see, despite being too big and not entirely flattering. (my sister, who gave it to me when cleaning out her closet, specifically told me that I could have it but was not allowed to wear it out in public. The What Not To Wear people would not approve.)

But I think an evening airplane trip after a long con requires a comfy warm hoodie. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!