January 21st, 2008


Keep on Racing -- What a Con!!

I was hit by inspiration last month, with regard to ConFusion. I was thinking about how I could raise funds for Race For The Cure, a charity to support breast cancer awareness and research. (I try to come up with creative ways to raise money for this cause every year.)

I was talking about thoughts with a friend, then I mentioned an amusingly naughty but appropriate t-shirt I'd seen at last year's race, then it hit me.

Ribbons. I could sell I ♥ Boobs con ribbons!!!!!

Anybody who made a donation to the Race would get a ribbon! People at cons love ribbons, and people have loved boobs ever since womankind climbed to her feet and stopped dragging them around on the ground. These ones would be pretty darn cool/desirable.

My only mistake was in making just 100 of them. I wasn't sure how many people would buy, especially since I was asking for money..... I sold out saturday afternoon. It helped that my buddy John Scalzi announced my ribbons at opening ceremonies. I had people sneaking up waving dollar bills even before the ceremony finished!

Another cool thing is that at the end of the weekend, when I sadly had to tell people that the ribbons were gone, some of them asked "Can I donate anyway?" And then they did.

So here is what I must say: People at ConFusion are SO COOL! I loved doing this ribbon fundraiser. It was fun, made lots of people laugh, and raised a ton of money for the Race for the Cure. I am absolutely doing this again at Penguicon, only with more stock. Check out these totals!

 4 quarters                       .25  * 4   =   1.00
 1 loonie                         .97  * 1   =   0.97
 1 shiny dollar coin              1    * 1   =   1.00
69 single-dollar bills            1    * 69  =  69.00
 1 two-dollar bill                2    * 1   =   2.00
 3 bags of limes                  2.99 * 3   =   8.97
 1 wooden plank                   4.90 * 1   =   4.90
15 five-dollar bills              5    * 15  =  75.00
 1 ten-dollar bill                10   * 1   =  10.00
 9 twenty-dollar bills            20   * 9   = 180.00
 1 fifty-dollar bill              50   * 1   =  50.00