February 1st, 2008


No need for a snow day

This morning the world was blanketed in snow. What a delight to remember that I work from home, so I don't have to drive through it!

I had figured that my lunchtime task would be shoveling, but then a few hours into the morning a trio of teenaged boys knocked on my door and politely asked if I'd like my walk and driveway shoveled. Fifteen dollars is not a trivial amount of money, and I could have easily done it myself.... but on the other hand I like the idea of kids trying to earn money. I like encouraging that sort of thing, and this way I can stay warm and cozy until I feel like going out tromping later on.

So my car is safely tucked in its garage, my driveway and walk are shoveled, and I have to dial into my next conference call. Also, it's friday. Not a bad day so far!

Alpacas Go Political

A couple of people have pointed this article out to me. It's awesome! Entitled Congress To Raise Alpacas To Aid Struggling Economy, it is an intelligent and fascinating article outlining congressional plans buy a couple of alpacas in order to eliminate the nation's economic crisis.

"All you need is a fertile male and a female in heat, and nature takes it course. Before you know it, the money is rolling in and there's alpacas everywhere."

"Advocates also claimed that using the alpacas' fleece for knitted and woven items would energize the textile industry and eliminate the nation's dependence on foreign- produced ponchos."

It's always a pleasure when I see that my congress-person is reading my blog and acting on my subliminal suggestions.

A special committee was sent to a nearby alpaca farm to scout mating pairs and pet some alpacas.