February 2nd, 2008


Groundhog Day

I tweaked my back last night, or shoulder, something like that. I did my daily pushups right before bed, and felt perfectly fine, but was woken up early this morning with a knife stabbing just over my left shoulder-blade whenever I moved. Ouchie! I'm thinking the muscle must have knotted or stretched or whatever it is that muscles do, while I was sleeping. I probably lay on it wrong.

I'm treating it with Canadian drugs (O Canada, Terre de nos aïeux...) and lots of stretching. Today I did my third day of the Couch to 5K regimen (yay me!), and it felt neither better or worse afterward. So that's good: it's painful but not an impediment. It should get better quickly, these things generally do, but they sure are a bugger in the meantime.

On the plus side, Joyous Groundhog Day! The groundhogs seem to be in disagreement, with a Canadian one predicting an early spring but the Punxsutawney one telling us to bundle up for six more weeks. Our local one also predicts an early spring, but to be honest I am dubious. It is Michigan after all, and I expect winter will last for quite some time yet. On another plus side, that means plenty more skiing!

My sis sent me a groundhog text message, and M sent me a groundhog ecard. Tonight I plan on hanging out with friends, and if I am truly industrious I will bring a groundhog cake. Sore shoulder or not, it's a good day.