February 11th, 2008


Mid-Day Walk

Walk around the block: accomplished! It's a balmy 10 degrees out, which is a heat-wave compared to yesterday. Sunny and not windy though, so it was actually pretty nice.

The sidewalks are a death-trap though. I think it's because the last big snow came right after rain, so under all the snow was frozen slush. A few shovelers managed to get that off their walks, but most did not. It is now frozen solid, bumpy from footprints, and slippery as all heck. The safest places to walk (aside from the few spots where the ice was removed) were actually patches of ice that had a little bit of snow on top, as that provided a tiny bit of traction.

This means that the fact that I shoveled before the very last of the snow fell makes me a winner. I have ice on my sidewalk, but a bit of snow covering it so it's not insanely slippery -- just a wee bit hazardous.

Random comments from people working at home over VOIP:
"Hang on, I need to let my cat out."
"When the kids come home from school, it's like Lord of the Flies in here."
"I've found that keeping the door to my office keeps the room a bit warmer. Plus there are less cats."
"Comcast hates me."