February 23rd, 2008


Health Food and Running

This morning I had a very unhealthy breakfast: baklava and coffee.... but very yummy. Then this afternoon I had one of the healthier lunches I have ever consumed: a big bowl of steamed broccoli with lemon juice and a little bit of cheese.

Then of course I was hungry a little while later, because - dude! - all I ate was a side dish! So now I'm eating a protein bar, so I'm still feeling pretty healthy.

I'm never quite sure whether I'm embarrassed or amused when "dude" creeps its way into my conversation. Probably both.

This morning I did my last day of week four, C25K. I slowed it down some the last two times since the beginning of the week, and it was much easier.
3.5 mph walk for 5 min.
6mph for 3 min.
3.5 mph for 90sec.
5 mph for 5 minutes.
then repeat... only the final minute of the second 5-min run I ramped it up to 5.3 mph I think.
3.5 mph cooldown for 5 min.

But now I feel a little guilty for not pushing the whole 6mph thing harder... but I'll get there. At least I'm still doing it, and I intend to keep doing it. Run Rennie Run!

Not quite sure how running will go next week, on the business trip. I think I'll have time, but I'll have to see what's available in terms of gyms, or what the weather's like if I want to try outdoor running. I'm bringing my ipod and running shoes/clothes though, and I'm hoping to make it work. I was thinking I might do week four again, since I've been a little disappointed with it. Plus that'll mean I don't have to ramp up while jetlagged and trying to get lots of work meetings done. We'll see.

Leaving for the airport very soon. I'm all packed, now just making sure I didn't forget anything too important.