February 27th, 2008



Email excerpt. I'm tired this morning, but still wanted to share....

Okay I'm not in Bruges, but as I was walking home this evening I SAW A
MIDGET!!!!! He wasn't being filmed, but he was waiting in a bus
stop!!! It was all I could do to reserve my grin and giggles until
after I was well past him. I detoured to get a better look at him,
but I just glanced out of the side of my eyes because I didn't want to
be rude of course. But a midget! Right there in Belgium!

The weather here is quite lovely. It
was sprinkling this morning, but otherwise it's been nice. I've been
wearing my leather jacket and a light sweater, and I've been
comfortable. I went running this evening wearing a tank top, my first
run in a foreign country. And I got a bit lost, causing me to ponder
the wisdom of running around cobblestoned streets in Belgium with
nothing but my hotel room card and an ipod. Fortunately my hotel is
right by the cathedral (middle tower in photo), so you can see the tower from lots of places
in the city. Finally I ran toward it then circled around until
something looked familiar, then found my way home.

In news from home:
"Man throws pipe bomb, frightening local kitties!"

By my calculations, this couldn't have been more than a few meters from my house. Yikes!!