March 12th, 2008



C called me yesterday and said that his brother was in town, they were making Lasagna de Rennie, and did I want to come over? I dithered for a bit -- it was already after 8pm, and it was a school night. But it was Lasagna de Rennie after all, and his brother to see, plus the baby... I mean how could I refuse so many enticements?

So I showed up, and the baby was almost asleep. But I admired him for a little while anyway, then had a most excellent time hanging out with the grownups. All kinds of silliness and laughter; I enjoyed myself. Also dinner was good, even if we didn't eat until around 10!

We were talking at one point about the lasagna, and how even though it is G's invention, with my ingredients, it is Out There. It's posted on the internet, and there is no getting it back. "Information has to be free," I pointed out. It can't be stopped or contained. The recipe has been released, and it cannot ever be unreleased. I know multiple people who have made it, and who knows how many other hoards of artichoke/caper/mushroom/cilantro/spinach/asiago-loving people have swooped in and made it also?

In the spirit of the newly conceived Freedom of Lasagna Act of 2008, I present to you a newly posted version of the recipe, ripe for sharing.

Lasagna de Rennie - based on my favorite things

(Okay really I just posted the recipe for a coworker to see and admire, but I figure there have got to be other people who need this lasagna, so I should share it further! It's yummy.)