April 20th, 2008



Penguicon was really great fun, even though I was only there for less than a day. Yesterday morning I got up at about 4:30am, packed my bags, took the shuttle to the airport, checked in, flew to Detroit, got on the shuttle to my car, and drove home. All before 9am, which is (on a regular saturday) a little before the time I generally get up! I then took a nap and went to Penguicon.

It was a really full day, I saw lots of cool people, had some fun, enjoyed good conversations, and did lots of neat things. That's the short version. I might tackle a longer version later. It's all a bit blurry in my head -- I know it ended at 4:30am because I was in the parking lot getting into my car to go home, and my phone's alarm went off. The same alarm I'd set for the morning prior....

I did my Race for the Cure fundraiser again, just like at ConFusion, although it was much more low-key at this con. For one thing I was there for a much shorter time frame, and for another thing I just didn't press it very hard. I rely mostly on word-of-mouth, and there were so many other things going on! Not a problem; every little bit counts. Even with less than a full day and only quiet fundraising, we gathered:

34 singles
+ 8 fives
+ 1 ten
+ 2 twenties

Not bad! I've already applied the money on my Race For the Cure page, which you can find here. Wish you were there? Wish you had an I ♥ Boobs ribbon? I have leftovers this time! I'll mail one to anybody who donates.