April 23rd, 2008

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Flowers and XKCD

Flowers and XKCD
Flowers and XKCD
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I am not sure if this qualifies as "strange and contrived" or "artistic and lovely", but what I am trying to capture here is an image of two totally different stories that almost-if-not-quite relate.

Spring is finally here, and my daffodils in my backyard are blooming. They collapse every summer, lifeless, but toss off the dirt and rebirth every spring. I love yellow flowers, and I love daffodils in particular as they are a such a happy color, such a joyful flower. How can anybody be sad when surrounded by daffodils?

When I was at Penguicon, I got to meet the author of a web comic I particularly enjoy, xkcd. He (Randall Munroe) was offering signed prints for sale, and I was asking him to help me decide which to get. We talked about the comic from which comes this LJ icon. He gets emails regularly from people who want to tell him, "It's not scientifically possible!" He and I voiced at the same time, "...but that's not the point."

The point according to RM is that, even if it only makes the tiniest fraction of a fraction of a moment, that moment is still worth it. The point according to Rennie is only slightly different: striving for something that may well be impossible for the sake of that moment is worth it. It's the striving, and the chaotic but determined spinning, and the noble if unachievable goal, that makes me smile when I see it.

Plus, I like to spin. Who doesn't like to spin all crazy? ...and some days, I just feel like that spinning icon girl. On my signed copy, he drew an arrow to the spinner and labeled it, "Worth it." I agree.

So what about the daffodils? They have sprung, and they make me smile. Spring is here, and I met a friendly author, with whom I had a conversation about a webcomic, all of which make me smile. I wanted to show a convergence of a couple of nice things. The photograph builds a cheery symmetry which pleases me.