May 2nd, 2008


New Bed!

I went from empty nest to giant new bed today. I'm looking forward to sleeping tonight! It seems comfy, but since furniture stores don't offer sleepovers, I don't yet know for sure.

I hope my old bed has ended up in a home where it will be enjoyed and appreciated.




Running and Knees

I was having dinner with M&S&R wednesday night, and SGW asked me if I was still running. "Yes," I said, "some. I run at least once a week, but rarely as much as three times a week. But I'm contemplating giving it up after the Race for the Cure. My Personal PA thinks I should."

"Really, why is that?"

"Well, because it hurts my knee when I run. And because, um..." I foundered, and realized I didn't exactly know why. I glanced over at M for help, and he had to admit that he hasn't actually examined my knee -- medically, I mean (heehee). (He is a physician's assistant in orthopedics, so he does have a few qualifications in this area.)

So why did I say that? Well I think part of it is simply that I enjoy saying "my Personal PA". It's fun. Also, I really don't like running, so the suggestion that perhaps it is medically a bad idea has some distinct appeal.

For years (on and off) I've tried to cultivate a taste for running. I really want to be a runner. I know it's great exercise, it's really healthy, and it is so satisfying when I'm through. I love the sense of pride and accomplishment I have when I'm done -- but while I'm actually running, all I really think is something along the lines of "when oh when will this end??" I keep hoping that running regularly will cause me to become fond of it, but it hasn't happened in eight years.

However more importantly, my left knee has been bothering me quite a lot recently. (It's had two minor surgeries and one ACL reconstruction about 15 years ago.) It hurts some when I run, and it hurts more after I'm through. It gets puffy for a day or two as well as sore, and my range of motion gets limited. This might be a good reason to stop running, and it's surely what made M suggest the idea.... on the other hand, it also hurts when I do fun things like skate, or ski. This is certainly not a good enough reason to stop either of those activities!

I guess it's just that (no matter why much I want to love it) I don't really enjoy running, so I'm enamored of the idea of having to stop for my own good. I also really wish my knees felt great all the time! I don't like the idea of stopping other things that hurt my knee though, so there is a little bit of hypocrisy there.

I have no real conclusions, just musing through my fingertips here. I'm definitely running in the Race on May 31. After then, I will probably do more bicycle riding and less running. Will I give it up completely? I don't know about that... but now that the weather is getting nicer, this running thing is getting in the way of my bicycling anyway. I miss my bikes.