May 7th, 2008


Twenty Miles

Today I tried to meet up with a local bicycle club for their wednesday evening ride. Unfortunately, I couldn't find them! Either they switched times, switched meeting locations, or all bailed because it had been raining all day. Number three sounds extremely unlikely, especially since the rain had (barely) stopped by the time the ride was supposed to start, so I figure it must have been one of the first two.

So disappointing! However since I was all geared up and ready to ride, I still took myself for a longish ride. It wasn't as much fun as a group would have been though, of course. But at least I went. I'm proud of myself for not backing out; I almost let the rain stop me. But it only sprinkled a tiny bit while I was riding, hardly at all, and despite the wet pavement it was nice out.

I went twenty miles, which sounds like a small amount to my bicycle-vacation focused brain, but felt like a huge amount to my winter-acclimated butt. My sit bones hurt sooo much by the end of the ride, every bump and pothole made me wince and cringe. I can't wait until my bottom is conditioned to bicycling again.

I took myself to a sandwich shop on my way home. I ordered a chicken and broccoli sub, and the guy at the counter started making small talk with me while we waited. "So, are you filling yourself up for a ride?" I was wearing my helmet and bike gloves and such.

"Nope, I just finished. This is my reward!"

"That's great, how far?"

"Twenty miles."

"Twenty... TWENTY? Twenty miles doing what?" I looked confused, but he was just busy being astounded out loud. "You went twenty miles on your bicycle?! No way, I can't believe it. I could maybe see riding four...."

He shook his head in amazement. I smiled happily. That kind of reaction makes up for my sore butt, and quells the little voice in my head telling me I should have gone farther. I assured him that yes indeed, I had just ridden twenty miles.

We chatted more about my ride, and about riding in general. It was funny, how amazed he was. Made me feel good, and it was a fun conversation. Eventually my sandwich was ready, and I carried the bag in my hand for the short ride home. (I already proved in a previous ride that submarine sandwiches do not work inside of a water-bottle cage, no matter how plausible it seems.)

[Edit: Ah-ha, I found their mailing list -- they DID cancel the ride! I'm really surprised. Wimps.]