May 14th, 2008



Walking through the tile-floored lobby of the hotel this morning, I noted that there were several plastic yellow triangles scattered about. My first instinct on seeing the one in front of me was to break into a little trot and hop over it instead of walking around it.

Now the yellow things were "wet floor" warnings, and the tiles were indeed wet. Even as my muscles were looking forward to the little hurdle, my brain managed to note that it might not be an entirely good idea.

I didn't jump or skip on the wet floor. Perhaps this means that after 36 years I've developed impulse control? Or perhaps I've just gotten boring....


There was a basketball game in Boston this evening, and my hotel is quite close to the, um, stadium? Arena? Court? Gym? Palace? Building? It was cool to see -- as I was walking away from the hotel to wander around, there were lots of people walking toward my hotel in green Celtic flare. Lots of enthusiasm in the air.

I explored the area around Faneuil Hall, walked on a brief portion of the Freedom Trail, then settled at a place called the Salty Dog for some chowder and shrimp. I sat at the bar and watched the Celtics game on tv while I ate. I watched fairly intently, cheering for Boston, because I didn't have much else to do.

The bartender asked me, "So are you a big Celtics fan?"

"Not really." Then I felt bad, so I elaborated. "I'm a Pistons fan. I'm from Detroit." (I exaggerated a bit. I'm not really a basketball fan at all, but if somebody is to win I would prefer it to be the Pistons.)

He nodded. "That works."

I didn't want to tell him that was might be the first Celtics game I'd ever watched. "But I figure, 'When in Rome' and all. I'm here, so I'll cheer for you guys."

"That's nice of you."

"Well ya know, I do what I can."

They were ahead when I left after the third quarter, so I think I contributed. I didn't think to look at the score after I'd walked back to my hotel, but I couldn't help but notice when the game ended. Given the amount of honking and cheering I've been hearing, it is quite clear who won also. Go Celtics! (Also, when I get home - go Pistons!)