June 2nd, 2008



Happy birthday to me! Despite being alone in a foreign land, I'm feeling good so far. This would be a handy place to post birthday greetings to me, should you so desire. I won't have an opportunity to read lj until late tonight, but I should periodically be able to check email.... (ack, I hope that doesn't sound pathetic -- I'm just trying to help here, that's all!)

Now I have to go find my way to the office, about which I'm more than a little nervous since I didn't make any plans to travel with anybody. I did it before though, a few months ago. An adventure! Yeah, that's it.

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Today was a long sprint planning day. I announced to my coworkers at the end of the day, after asking who was planning on going to out dinner: "I would like to go somewhere nice, because today is my birthday." They were surprised but responded well, wishing me a happy birthday and making sure I was entertained. Six of us went to a very nice restaurant. We all had the house apperetife, which was something with champagne, vodka, and oj. I had a melon/scampi appetizer, a stuffed duck breast, and a strawberry dessert with port. I also had two glasses of wine with dinner.

After, we went to Genover, which is a popular hangout among my team. It's a tiny funky bar with all kinds of flavored vodka. We think it's vodka, it might be some other kind of beverage. But lots of flavors. We sampled walnut, mango, chocolate, custard, and cactus. And ginger. I didn't like ginger. I think mango was my favorite. The bar owner was also having a birthday today, he was 60. We exchanged three cheek-kisses, very European. I had more than enough to drink, but walked home comfortably and safely. I'm now heading to bed, but wanted to briefly record my evening. As I left, I thanked the guys for helping spend my birthday with me. One of them said something to the effect of, "We weren't going to make you spend the evening alone on your birthday!" And I pointed out that yes I could have done something nice, but they had helped to make it both fun and nice. So that was cool.

Not so bad for a day in a foreign land. I wasn't surrounded by friends or family, but I had nice colleagues who helped make it a good evening. No loneliness. I do miss my boyfriend, my other friends, and my family, but I'm doing okay. Thanks for all the comments and emails and calls helping me feel like I have friends all over, wishing me well! It's nice to know that even when you're not at home, home is thinking of you.

love and peace,