June 23rd, 2008


Parental Visit

My weekend was a combination of stressful and nice, but I'd say the nice outweighed the stressful so that's cool. My parents visited from Chicago, staying here at my place. I let them have my bedroom, and I slept on the futon in the spare bedroom. The visit resulted in a bunch of frenzied cleaning last week, and I think the place looked quite presentable by the time I was through. I only received minor criticisms, on items that I first admitted needed not so much cleaning as actual repair, so that works.

I was given a very pretty jade necklace for my birthday. We went to REI and I bought mothers/fathers day gifts for each of them. Saturday afternoon M came over, and we four were rained on during the clay and glass artshow. I ran into a friend while there, which is one of the cool parts of living here in RO. My parents took me and M to the Melting Pot for dinner, and although there were stressful moments there it was also yummy food and pleasant conversation. I got a couple of much-needed private minutes with M before he went home.

Sunday was a leisurely morning, and my mom made one of my favorite childhood breakfasts ever - thin pancakes! Then they went to see the newly renovated DIA, while I opted to stay home. I did some reading, did some weeding, and trimmed the bushes that were trying to attack my car. I have more trimming and related work to do, but at least I got some stuff done that's needed doing.

[Brief blogging break while I close my windows. The sky is making angry thundering noises. Okay, I'm back now.]

Mom baked me a belated birthday cake sunday afternoon, and then she made us a yummy dinner of stroganof with snap peas. I provided Limoncello with our before-dinner snacks, there was birthday cake and coffee, and finally I rounded off the evening with some Tokaji. By then it was basically bedtime.

This morning I woke up and got ready to work, while they had breakfast and packed up and stuff. They left just a little while after I started working, and now my house is my own again. I love my parents, and I'm really glad they came to visit. My dad drives me absolutely crazy. This is the interesting thing about families, that these two things are not necessarily exclusive.