June 26th, 2008


Goods and Bads

Good: Prior to today, I haven't driven my car since friday.
Bad: I keep misplacing my sunglasses.
Good: My sunglasses were in my car.
Bad: Big vans that totally block my view when trying to turn onto a road.
Good: Van drivers who wave at me when the coast is clear, so I can turn safely.
Bad: My shoulders are really sore today.
Good: They are sore from biking, using my body, which I like to do and is good for me.
Bad: My keyboard also hurts my shoulders.
Good: I went ice skating today after too long of a hiatus and skated fairly well.
Bad: I slept poorly last night, and I'm sleepy today.
Good: I'm going on a short trip to NY/NJ this weekend to see family.
Bad: I don't especially like July.
Good: I'll have a cool mini-getaway to Maine which will hopefully make it nicer.
Good: I'm seeing my boyfriend tonight.
Good: Diet coke and advil.

Oh look, more good than bad. Life is okay. Now if I could just wake up enough to make it through this afternoon!