July 11th, 2008


Home Safe

I made it home - yay! It's been awhile.

I just counted, and out of the past 16 days I've been at home for only two of them. I really shouldn't complain too much, as I've also been doing some really wonderful vacation travel on top of my business travel.... It's just been rough combining work travel and vacation travel. I've been working for ten of those sixteen days, despite only being home for two of them (and the days I was home were work days).

Tomorrow, for the first time in nineteen days, I will be both at home AND not working! I am sooooo looking forward to it. My tentative plans are "do nothing". Of course that will turn into "something" before the day goes very far, but the good thing is that I don't HAVE to do anything.

Much like when I was vacationing in Portland last weekend. M and I happily spent hours making plans and schedules to follow, then we just as happily ignored them and did whatever the heck we wanted. That will be me this weekend. I have scheduled two events I will definitely attend, and other than that I will spend the weekend making plans and gleefully disregarding them.

I actually had a dream about this a couple of nights ago. I was lying in bed, caught in some haze between wakefulness and sleep. It was saturday morning, in the dream. I was trying to remember where I was going. Was it Chicago? Florida? Milwaukee? Every weekend in the recent past has involved me being somewhere or doing something. Suddenly it hit me: I didn't have to be anywhere. I was at home and could stay there indefinitely. I was filled with this great pleasure and relief.

Then my alarm went off, I saw the hotel room around me and I realized, "Crap, I'm still in Lebanon and I have to go to work!"

Spending this weekend at home (or near home) will be a much-needed break. I'm so thrilled that my colleague arranged for me to fly home today rather than tomorrow, as we had originally scheduled things. It will be great to crawl into my own bed tonight. It will be great to reacquaint myself with a cat or two for company.

I had two awesome trips on the last two weekends, and I've spent lots of quality time with friends and family. It's great that I've been able to do all that, even if it did wear me out. I have more awesome trips coming up in future weeks, with more family and friends time to enjoy. This weekend will be just what I need to refresh myself and get ready for the rest of the summer's fun travel insanity!