July 25th, 2008


Cats in Charge

It is a bit chilly in my office today (chilly for me, I mean, not for any normal person), and I am wearing shorts. My legs are cold. I could pop upstairs and add a layer, but so far I haven't. I know it'll get warmer as the sun comes nearer my west-facing window, and I'll just be changing clothes again.

Instead, I thought I'd close the open window. But here's the thing: the cat was sitting in his cat hammock, looking out the window and enjoying the light breeze. (He wears a permanent fur coat after all.) I wanted the window closed, but I knew it would displease the cat. I thus compromised and closed the window partway, leaving just enough room for a cat's head.

It's clear who is in charge here. He didn't even ask me to leave the window open -- I just knew he'd be unhappy otherwise.


Anybody have an opinion on ATT Wireless versus Verizon?

I'm thinking of switching to ATT since Verizon doesn't offer any international usage.

I'm also thinking of getting a Palm Centro (I'd need a new phone if I switched). The only problem is I feel that it might be betraying my lovely little Treo 700p....