July 30th, 2008


Tough Bike Ride!

Busy, busy, and tired. Today I had a skating lesson on my lunch break. I started out feeling wobbly, and I could totally tell it had been two weeks since I'd skated. Or maybe three weeks? I don't remember, which means it's been WAY too long.

Scratch that, I just looked it up, and it's been four weeks. No wonder I felt like I couldn't remember the ice.

Anyway after a significant amount of time to warm up, I started feeling better and got a little bit accomplished. It was a decent lesson, and fun.

After work today, I went on my usual wednesday night bike ride. I missed that last week, so it's been two weeks since I've ridden seriously. Also, I think they were setting a quicker pace than usual. Also, it was really hot out. And the sun was in my eyes, yeah, that's it.... whatever the reason, that ride kicked my butt. By the time I got home and off my bike, I was practically staggering. I am so worn out now!

Almost 29 miles, and honestly I think our "moving" pace (when we weren't stopping or turning) was averaging 17 miles per hour. 15mph is more my speed.... There were some stop signs and turns and whatnot that slowed us, where I got a bit of relief, but it really felt killer. I swear the last ten-ish miles I felt like I was running on empty.

I was near the back toward the end, and the majority of the pack caught a green light that a handful of us missed. It was hard enough keeping up with the pack - chasing them was simply impossible. I just kept plugging away, still going maybe 16mph, but that was all I had left. I couldn't find any energy to sprint, so although I kept spotting the pack a few blocks ahead (we were basically going the same speed) I couldn't catch up with them until they stopped at the last traffic light before the end of the ride. Happily another guy was finding the pace challenging, and he stayed back to ride with me so I wasn't alone.

I may not have broken any records, but I made it -- it was challenging and I did it anyway, so I'm proud of that. When I got home I drank a ton of water, had a shower, ate some dinner, and iced my knee. The combination has me feeling better! But still tuckered out.

Bedtime soon, but first I'm going to pack a bit. Tomorrow after work, I leave for Florida. A couple of friends are getting married down there, several of my friends are going, and I'm really looking forward to the whole weekend. Then on sunday I fly from Fort Meyers to Newark to Brussels, arriving at 8am monday morning (2am my time). I'll take the train directly to Gent, get a cab to the office, and start work when I arrive. Yikes... this weekend better be as much fun as I'm expecting it to be, because it will be a rough trip at its conclusion. Fortunately, I think it will be totally worth it.

In other biking news, I've attempted to requisition a bicycle from my company's Gent office, so assuming that goes through, I'll get to try biking in Gent next week! That should be a lot of fun.