September 3rd, 2008


This 'n' That

My Milwaukee visit ends tomorrow - alas! It's been fun though. M was here all weekend, and yesterday we all went to Chicago. He headed home on an airplane, while I stayed here for a couple more days for Sister Time. I'll take the ferry back to Muskegon tomorrow afternoon, then drive home.

Today I "worked from home", and by this I mean I worked from my sister's home. The neat thing about working from home with a laptop is that I can really do it anywhere that has good internet connectivity. I don't have the comforts of my own custom office setup when I travel, but I do have the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family than I would otherwise be able to do.

Interestingly though, it turns out that my 8:15am meeting is actually at SEVEN fifteen when I'm in Milwaukee. Yikes, that's early. Time zones are funny things. I mean: my meeting is at the exact same time every day. Yet when I'm in Gent, it feels like afternoon. When I'm at home, it feels like morning. When I'm in Wisconsin, it feels like extra-early morning. If I were in California, it would feel like nighttime - and yet the meeting time never changes! It's a little surreal.

Along with working with my sister's cats, I also got an extra treat: my sister and I drove downtown for lunch today and met up with cynnerth! It's not often that the stars align enough that I am actually able to meet LJ friends in Real Life, but this time I was able. It was a real pleasure. We've known each other via LJ for years, though neither of us quite remembers how we met.

Annoyingly, my head is still being funky. I now think it must be sinus-related. My left eye hurts off and on, especially when I look up. And the top of my left cheek, and the area of my head behind those two spots. I'm also kinda sniffley and sneezey today. Not tons though, and I don't feel sick... just somewhat icky. When M was here he gave me a couple of allergy pills to try, and I think they helped some. Not 100%, but I do think I feel worse now that he and his pills are gone. (Or maybe I just miss him! heehee.)

So anyway, I think it's allergy and sinus related. The funny thing is that it's almost exclusively on my left side. So what this means is: I'm allergic to something which is always found hovering to my left. Perhaps it's a ghostie, a pollen ghost?

I think tomorrow I'll try a decongestant, and see if that helps any. I may even visit CVS in search of allergy pills. I also might start tossing salt over my left shoulder, or wearing a clove of garlic tied to my left elbow. What else wards off ghostly allergies, I wonder?