September 8th, 2008


Weekend Babble

Lebanon is as exciting as always. The trip here was fine, and the first day of colo was long but also fine. Clearly I have lots of exciting stories to share. They're just, um, locked inside my head somewhere.

I've been feeling rather allergy-plagued all day (what is up with this season? I don't know why, but my sinuses dislike it), so after work I convinced one of my colleagues to drive me to the drugstore. I bought some zyrtek-D, complete with the fancy behind-the-counter pseudoephedrine stuff. For good measure, I also picked up some vitamins and some advil. I WILL feel better, by golly, this I swear!

I had a good weekend. It was my first weekend as a "football widow", as my friends like to call it. My boy is a big Spartan fan, and he and several friends of his have season tickets to the MSU home (American) football games. (Side note: my Belgian colleagues were talking about soccer this afternoon, and stated that they don't like to call it that except that we have this other silly game we call football here so they say soccer to be polite. Anyway they're all Brugge fans. F-ing Brugge!)

Um, where was I? Oh yes. M did an excellent job of making time for us despite his big tailgate on saturday. We got together friday night, and I found us some Chinese food, some Belgian beer, a couple of movies and Junior Mints. Quite an eclectic mix, eh? After indulging in our melting pot experience, we made an early night of it. He left ridiculously early for the game, and I ended up spending a good majority of the day sleeping, napping, and reading. I got up and 9am, had breakfast, read for awhile, took a nap, got up at noon, read some more, had lunch, and I might have even dozed off on the couch at some point in the afternoon. It was lazy and indulgent and apparently very much needed. I guess I was really worn out!

Finally, after noon, I got myself moving enough to do a load of laundry. Oooh, exciting! Fortunately I didn't laze away the whole day, because then I actually got my blood flowing and rode my bike eight miles to SEMGS (my gluttony potluck event that happens the first saturday of every month). It was fun, and a lovely day for a bike ride. Smegs was excellent as always, and it was good to catch up with a bunch of friends. I haven't been home on the first saturday of the month all summer, so I'm glad I finally made it to one.

After smegs, SGW (another "football widow") put my bike in her car and we headed out to her place. Our football SOs were there, sitting on the deck and listening to their third football game of the day on the radio (first they attended one live, then they watched one on television, then they listened to one). Sheesh! We reacquainted ourselves with one another, then went to a Smokin' Blues festival that was going on in Brighton. It was neat, although had we known how nice it was going to be we would have tried to get there earlier. Oh well, now we know for next time. Then we tried out the new hottub (nice and relaxing), then after midnight M and I headed back to my house.

Sunday was a lazy recovery day. There was snuggling, brunch, packing, and little else until I hit the road to the airport that afternoon. An uneventful journey east, and now I'm in what has grown to be a very familiar Marriott hotel. In fact I was thinking to myself this evening that they REALLY need to change the posters in the elevators. They've been the same since I first came here in January. I have both of them memorized, and they aren't even very clever or interesting. Plus the photos annoy me.

Maybe I'll put it on the comment card.