September 16th, 2008


False Start

When watching races, sometimes I'll see a false start. Let's imagine speed skating, but it could be any kind of race. The gun goes off, and the skaters throw their whole bodies into the effort of winning the race. Arms pumping, blades clattering, chips of ice flying... then the referee flags everybody down: they need to restart, because somebody did something wrong.

There is a huge disconnect, as the skaters go from putting everything they have into going forward fast, into... nothing. All that energy and adrenaline suddenly has nowhere to go. They mill around, deflated, until they reorganize themselves back on the line to start again.

This is essentially what is going on at work. It's been all, "GO GO GO faster MOVE.... no wait, never mind."

Now things are stressful and confusing, and we're all milling around kicking at ice chips waiting for whatever comes next.

In other news, does anybody know anything about ePrize?