September 17th, 2008


Lasik Followup

Visited my eye doctor yesterday for the first time in almost three years. I'd meant to go earlier, but somehow didn't notice how quickly time flew by!

Anyway, as of January it will be four years since my Lasik eye surgery. My eyes look fine, and all of the usual eye-doctory tests came out good. He couldn't even spot the scars on my corneas when he was looking for them, which is an excellent sign.

As far as correction goes, my left eye does show a wee bit of blur. I was able to read the bottom line on all of the charts with both eyes, and with my right eye alone. I could mostly read it with my left eye alone, but only "mostly". (This is so cool, incidentally, when I remember that pre-lasik the entire chart was a white blur with almost no letters at all!)

He played with lenses until he was able to correct it to the point where everything was 100% crisp and clear... but then he commented that the level of correction he'd just provided was so minor that he wouldn't recommend glasses for a new patient with that level of vision. He said most lasik patients are okay with a lot worse in order to avoid glasses. I DEFINITELY don't want glasses full-time, but I might be interested in wearing something while on the computer if it would help with eye strain.

We talked about the fact that I've been having some headache issues, and he said that, given my prescription, he did not think they were vision-related. We talked about other possible causes and solutions, and he suggested I could try a pair of the lowest-strength-possible drugstore reading glasses for computer use. He doesn't know if it would help, but it's possible that could reduce strain, and it's certainly worth a $4 experiment.

Basically he wrote everything down, and he said I could call him if I decided I wanted a prescription, or if I had other questions or issues.