September 24th, 2008



I have an upset tummy, which is displeasing me.
Especially since tonight is bike-ride-day (maybe a short one, if my tummy's still upset).
My porch steps are falling apart, and I'm trying ServiceMagic to get them fixed.
When I submitted my request, two handymen called me instantly offering to come by and estimate the job!
Hopefully this will go smoothly and easily, and if so what a cool and easy way of finding people to do work.
I just received my study guide for the Sun-Certified Java 6 Programmer exam. Should be a useful and interesting study process, then I'll re-certify.
I still can't decide if I should go to my favorite java conference this year. It could be really good professionally, but it would be expensive.
As of October 10th I'll be unemployed, which will be... interesting. Not scary, I'm sure I can find work, but it sure is stressful.
Likely due to some or all of the above, I'm feeling moody and lonely today.