October 8th, 2008



The hard part about posting right now is keeping my typing accurate with a cat sprawled on my wrist. My poor giant kitty has missed me, and refuses to let me lie on the bed without him lying on some part of me.

So ConClave was a good time. I'm trying to remember what-all happened, but given that it's already tuesday, clearly I should have posted earlier. But let me try....

I arrived friday night at 9:30. I know the time specifically, because Monkey Rampant started at 9pm and I'd wanted to get there in time to see it. Thus I rushed into the hotel without my luggage or anything, accosted the first person I saw with a program book, and demanded that he tell me where to find their performance. This didn't work as well as I had expected it, so I had to accost several other people, exchanging pleasantries such as "Hi good to see you I can't talk now I'm looking for Monkey Rampant do you know where they are?"

....but finally SGW and I found it together. Whew! The show (well the second half of it) was entertaining, and I'm both glad I made it and sorry I missed the first half. They do a good show, and I'll have to see them again sometime!

After the show and a few chats with various people, I made my way back to my car, retrieved my luggage, registered for the con, and SGW showed me to our room. It was a relief to relax for awhile and unwind, change clothes, and settle into "con mode". I'm always tense until I've done those things and anchored myself to a degree.

After the unwinding, I went in search of the consuite and other such adventure. I found a lot of friends and had a lot of conversations. It was kind of a quiet catch-up sort of night, just a lot of sitting around and talking with people I hadn't seen in awhile. SGW and I both stayed up until around 4am, but I don't remember details of much of what I did! Eventually we retired to our room for girl-talk, pillow fights, and undressing each other. (Well that's what her husband has always imagined our sleepovers to be like, so why disappoint him??)
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