November 30th, 2008


Thanksgiving Weekend

I'm home -- well, practically home. I'm in my part of town again, at least. M and I drove this morning/afternoon from Chicago to Ypsi through a "wintery mix" of snow and rain. We got stuck in a nasty traffic jam, and even more frustrating, we never saw a reason for it. Heard of an accident on the radio, but by the time we got there (over an hour to go just 3 miles), there was no more sign of it.

By the time we made it to his house, I was exhausted and didn't want to see the inside of a car again. By the time we'd had dinner and relaxed for awhile in front of the television (had to see True Blood!), it seemed better to wait 'til tomorrow morning to drive the rest of the way home. I'll wait until after the sun comes out, after rush-hour traffic clears up a bit, and then I'll make my way the final hour or so to my house. I'm sure the house and kitties will keep until then. Hopefully the snow isn't (won't be) bad there.

I have a "new to me" television in my car's backseat. My dad decided to get a new tv on black friday. His is 15 years old, but bigger than my current one and hopefully nicer. It better be, because that thing is heavy. It was a challenge for the two of us, navigating it down my parents' apartment stairs and into my Ion. It will be another challenge getting it into my basement tomorrow, so hopefully it will be worth it.

The Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful. My brother and his family were out of town for the first couple of days, so they generously allowed us the use of their apartment in exchange for dog-sitting. It was nice to have our own place in the city, and the doggie was fun to take care of. My mom cooked a delicious dinner thursday, and we watched the Lions lose. Then on friday my sis, M, and I all walked from my parents' place to and along the Magnificent Mile. It's cool being within walking distance of downtown. Saturday we checked out a German festival called Christkindler Market.

We completed the weekend with more family time, and an evening meal with friends M met at school in NJ. Sadly the nasty weather today meant we didn't get to meet his mom this evening for dinner, so we'll have to try to squeeze that in some other time. Other than that, the weekend was quite perfect.