December 8th, 2008

imaginary men


A year and some weeks ago, I went to S&R's house the day after Thanksgiving for a party. As the end of the evening drew near, the party had thinned down to just four people -- our hosts, me, and a guy who had known R since childhood. We decided to play euchre. R and I teamed up against S and the other guy, and we kicked their butts.

A day or two later, the guy emailed me with an amusing list of excuses as to why he had lost the euchre game. (Oddly enough not one of the excuses included the real reason, which is that R and I were the better players.) His email also noted that he had heard me say something about potentially getting a cool new job. He said that if that happened, he'd be happy to take me out for a celebratory drink or meal.

Precisely one year ago, we followed through on his self-proclaimed "flimsy excuse" for a date. He picked me up at my house and we went to a really nice Italian restaurant. We ate and drank a lot of really tasty treats. and we talked for hours. It was a lovely evening.

It's been 366 days of roller coaster since then. I took the job, loved it, traveled all over the world, was stressed out by it, and the ride ended far too soon in October. During that time I kept dating this fellow, and he kept getting more important to me, and he grounded me, my anchor to hold onto when everything else was crazy.

Life is complicated right now, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's been a great first year, and who knows what the future holds.... but I hope we see many more anniversaries together.