February 17th, 2009


Vail Report

My Vail vacation began on Saturday January 24, which was a long time ago. However I've been so busy since then, I haven't had a chance to post anything real until now....


Anyway Saturday morning I woke up at ConFusion. I spent the morning/afternoon hanging out there, doing a variety of fun con things. Then around 3pm I drove to my house and finished packing. A couple of hours later, I was on my way to the airport. I parked my car, checked in, and discovered that I'd been upgraded to first class. (yay silver elite!) I was torn though -- to travel with my boyfriend in steerage, or to enjoy the free upgrade? With his encouragement, I decided to accept it. After all, we'd be together the entire week to follow.

We had dinner, and I confessed to him that I felt the stirrings of a cold haunting my nose and throat. We agreed that getting sick on vacation would be a real bummer, so I wouldn't do it. Thus I treated myself with soup and Jack Daniels.

First class wasn't full, which made M's banishment to the back of the airplane even more tragic. I tried to pull the sympathy card. "My boyfriend's back there -- it's our first big vacation together -- is there any way you could let him sit up here, if this seat isn't taken?"

I was hoping he'd be convinced out of the goodness of his heart, but the steward apparently called the gate to see if M's ticket was worthy of upgrade. It wasn't. "But I could send him a complementary drink, if you'd like." I accepted the offer; it was better than nothing. I think it gave M an unexpected smile (even if the beer turned out to be nasty).

I then sat next to Not-M's empty seat the whole flight, drowning my not-a-cold in orange juice and vodka, and working on web development.

We landed in Denver and rented an SUV with 4-wheel drive. When we saw the snow blizzarding at the top of the mountain, we were glad we had sprung for it! They actually had a police car with his lights on escorting folks down the windy mountain path on other side, since visibility was so poor. It was nice to have a guide/protector along that dark path.

Eventually we found our way to T's condo. T is a friend of M's who had generously agreed to let us stay at her place for the price of some small home improvements. It was after midnight by the time we arrived, so we tip-toed our way in, found our bed, and were soon fast asleep.


Sunday dawned slowly. By the time I dragged my sniffley sneezy nose out of bed, I had to admit that I'd come down with a cold. On vacation even! No fair. I said 'hello' to T, who was all geared up in leopard print fleece for a fine day of skiing. That woman really likes leopard print. She can pull it off though - not everyone would be able to.

M and I had coffee and orange juice, and I think we found something breakfasty to eat. It was a slow morning. We both enjoyed relaxing for a bit, recovering from our stressful work-weeks and the trip.

Eventually we got ourselves moving, and went to check out the local bus stop. T lives just blocks away from the free shuttle bus that goes all over Vail. We memorized the important parts of the schedule: red goes away, green brings you home. Red leaves our stop at 25 and 55 past each hour. We never did a good job of memorizing green.

Then a red bus came, and we got on it. Shortly after, we were in Vail Village! I was thrilled to finally be there. We spent some time investigating prices and debating options, then settled on a 3-day lift ticket, which could be used for 5 days. We arranged a semi-private all-day lesson, since they were running a great special.

Then we browsed around the Village for awhile, checking out the cute little shopes. T called us from the slopes, saying that visibility was poor so would we like to meet for a late lunch? We did, and met her at a little pub nearby.

Upon returning to the condo, I decided it was time for a nap. I curled up with a good book and used it as a pillow for an hour or two, trying to de-virus myself as rapidly as possible. Dr. T (an anesthesiologist) suggested Cold Ease, with a very "scientifical" explanation, so they picked some up for me while dinner-shopping.

Dinner was good, as T's boyfriend and his two sons came over and cooked. We had wine and relaxing conversation. He was a really nice guy. He even generously offered to get us lunch at the Ritz on one of our ski days, but our ski days turned out to be too full-of-fun to venture off the slopes.

After dinner everyone but M and I took off for their various work-week homes. No work-week for us, we were on vacation. We had a quiet evening then headed to bed early. Our first big day was tomorrow!

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