March 14th, 2009


Thorn in my side

I tripped a little bit getting dressed this morning, slid my foot sideways to catch myself, and felt sharp pain in my heel. Lifting my foot I saw something small and brown firmly stuck in the bottom of my foot. To my surprise, I pulled a long skinny thorn out of my heel!

My first thought was "ouch." My second thought was, "What on earth is a thorn doing on my bedroom floor? Especially now?"

It's winter. The plants are all dead or dormant. I've had a few store-bought flowers in my house during the long cold months, but nothing with thorns like that. It looks a little like the thorns from my own rosebush, which I haven't even gone near since summer or maybe fall. I've vacuumed since then, and I've walked barefoot in my bedroom almost daily.

The only explanation I can think of is that it was hidden, wedged firmly in the carpet, pointy end down. When my foot slid, it managed to roll the thorn over and into my skin. Ouch!

Fortunately my heel has a lot of callous there. Even a long thorn mostly just hit dead skin. I squeezed it until a drop of blood came out, just to clean it out. Then I put a sock on and that was that.

But still - what a strange thing to find lodged in my foot! And how typical is it for me, that my first reminder of spring and growing things would be stepping on one and bleeding.... too funny!

Local Peeps

I want to go out on tuesday and eat corned beef and cabbage. My boyfriend is out of town, and I don't want to spend St Pattie's Day alone, so I'm trying to find other people to do fun things with me!

Chad and I were talking about it, and he can probably join me, but now we are looking for others to join me/us for dinner -- I'm not planning on partying, just dinner and maybe a drink or two. Last year I went to Diamond Jim Brady's in Novi, and it was quiet and yummy. He also found a place via google: John Cowley & Sons / Coolhenry Restaurant & Irish Pub in Farmington. I've never been there though.

Anybody want to join me? You don't have to eat corned beef if you don't want to, but you will have to tolerate me eating it. Yum! For me it's comfort food, and a tradition that my mom kept every year throughout my childhood memory. I used to go over to her house every year for the holiday, and now that she's moved away I always try to go out somewhere for it.... but it's no fun alone.


Also, totally unrelated but also directed at local people, I am thinking of switching cable/tv/internet providers. Right now I have Comcast for tv and internet. My ReplayTV is tragically dying, and I'm not happy watching live television. I've been thinking about getting a DVR through a my cable provider, and once I started thinking about changing things around, I started wondering if I should switch providers, or switch to some other form of service (dsl?) altogether...? So I'm wondering what others use, and if they like it!

[Edit: I currently have basic cable tv and internet, plus my ReplayTV. I watch very little television, and I keep it in the basement in front of my exercise equipment where it's cold and basementy. I sometimes go a week or two without watching it at all, or sometimes I watch an hour or two a day when I'm exercising indoors a lot. Every now and then M and I will curl up on the couch under blankets and watch a movie or something.

I don't want to hack or mess around with my tv at all, I just want a handful of shows and movies that I like to be recorded for me. Then whenever I feel like watching tv or exercising, I can turn it on and find several somethings that I can choose between without having to watch commercials.

So my requirements aren't fancy: reliable internet, cheap tv, and a dvr that I don't have to mess with.]