July 1st, 2009


Credit Cards

I need a new credit card. I used to use a Worldperks Visa, but as NWA and Delta merged they've terminated my card. I can get a Delta card, or a "FlexPerks" card through my previous carrier... but since I need to switch cards anyway I thought I should reevaluate my options.

I like having a rewards card of some sort. My policy is to use it for all of my monthly purchases, then pay it in full every month. This was earning me 1k to 2k miles per month. Thus the interest rate isn't very important, but a none-to-small fee would be nice. What are the best rewards out there? I like earning miles, because I fly a lot -- but maybe there is something more valuable.

So of course I'll ask the internet.... What do you use?

Cold Weekend

I am going Up North this weekend. Mentally I've been packing in my head, "Wash the beach stuff, get the coverup, don't forget the new sundress...." Then I noticed my white shrivled hands, too cold to type well. It's been downright chilly this week! Do I really think our Fourth of July weekend will be sunny and warm?

It's supposed to be. It's July after all, and I certainly hope so. I know that Northern climates are often cooler than down south -- which incidentally is irritatingly the opposite of the whole "heat rises" thing I used to believe when I was younger.

I looked on weather.com, and it looks like tomorrow will be quite rainy. Hopefully the rest of the days will be at least partially sunny.... and maybe even some warmth? I'd really like some nice sunny warm days -- I've never gotten to wear my new sundress yet! It's been too cold.

I'm a lizard; I need my chances to bask in the sun. It's my holiday weekend; I need a chance to warm up and relax!