October 8th, 2009


What to do this weekend?

Last weekend my sister visited, and she and I and M all went for a 40 mile bike ride. We did an old classic, the Blue Water Ramble. Due to the threatening weather, we didn't go into Canada, but it was still a great ride. It was my first official Team Alpaca ride I attended all year! (no Tour de Troit this year for me, alas) Kinda sad, seeing as how it's fall now....

Now I'm torn as to what to do this weekend. M and Sis have both left town. I'd like to ride again. There are two interesting-looking bike rides saturday, one in Brighton (Tour Livingston) and one in Warren (Breast Cancer Ride). I sent out a few emails, but I haven't found anybody else interested in riding this weekend yet. I'm leaning toward the Warren one, since it's closer to home and for a good cause.

Anybody interested in doing some Team Alpaca riding? You don't have to be a current memeber; anybody who rides a bike with me is automatically a Team Alpacian. I know there's a con going on that weekend too. I might swing by. Anybody I know going to be at the con?