May 15th, 2011


And Sake Makes Three

Okay, let me try again - hopefully with more success. My phone has been quirky of late, so I'm posting this from a proper computer.

When we last left our heros, I had posted the following message with a broken image link. "Today, weather permitting, we will plant this tree in our backyard. It's a Crimson Queen Japanese Maple." I then left you all in suspense, itching to know what the tree look like and whether it made it into the earth.

Here is the original photo (with me looking rather goofy)....

We had several yardworky items we were hoping to accomplish on saturday. Shortly after that picture was taken, it started to mist. "That's okay, we can keep working in the mist." Then it started to sprinkle. The mulching was only half-done. "Hmm, this is less nice, but still tolerable."

At one point, we had to admit to another, "The rain is getting more serious. This is no longer pleasant." Cold and wet, we decided to take a break. We got lunch, went to Home Depot, and buy some more supplies. We then swung through DSW for some wellies, because I hate getting my feet wet. I had seen some advertisements online for cheap but colorful whimsical wellies, and thought those would be perfect for yardwork.

When I got there, the first ones I found were much more than I'd been expecting to pay. I headed toward the clearance aisles, and found a pair of black rubber boots. They were practical, on sale, but not the least bit whimsical.

"Do they fit? Then let's buy them," my husband said cheerfully.


He stopped and looked at me. "You don't like them." I shrugged. "Because they're not whimsical enough." I shook my head.
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