July 19th, 2011


Holland 100

Made it to Holland last weekend to do a bike ride with my sis'. We'd tentatively planned on doing a metric century, but when we got up on saturday we agreed that we weren't really prepared for 67 miles. Well, me in particular. I haven't managed to ride much yet this summer.

The next option was 36 miles, which seemed too short. However looking at the maps, we found a way to do 48 miles - basically a half-century. Not a bad plan.

It was an extremely hot day, but we plastered ourselves with sunscreen, loaded up our water-bottles, and off we went. It was the first Team Alpaca ride of the season! We'll definitely do more, and I will do a better job of organizing more attendees next time. This time I didn't really push it, because it was 3 hours away from Detroit. It was conveniently half-way between me and Sis' though, so we made it into a mini weekend getaway.

It was a fun ride, though I was sore by the end. The streets were relatively quiet, and mostly smooth. The riders were friendly, and the snacks tasty, and we got to ride through some scenic areas - including downtown Saugatuck!

When we completed it, we headed back to our hotel for showers, then revisited Saugatuck for the evening to check it out. A very cute, artsy little place. I bought a cool hat, which will receive its own post (soon as I get around to it...) We had dinner on the water, and a nice long stroll through all the cute little shops.

The next day, we decided to be touristy in Holland itself. They have an actual Dutch windmill, imported from the Netherlands, that is still in regular use. It was pretty cool, and I now know much more about windmills than I did before. (They also have an unimpressive website.) We checked it out, went on the tour, saw the pretty gardens, and tried on wooden shoes.

On our way out of the park, something walked across the road. "Look," I said. "A stork, or an ostrich.... or a... a flamingo..."

"A crane?"

"...or a pelican...."

"Look," suggested Sis', "a bird!"

"Yes yes, look, a bird. We're city girls..."

..........then on the way home, to top off a great weekend, I got to have lunch with She Who Clarifies, after waaaaaay too long!