alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Tell me, Harry, Sally....

...can a man and a women ever really switch from dating to being "just friends"? I was reading mindme's Man 2 Dialogs, and I wondered about some of it, and what others might think.

Case two, she wants to be friends. So, great, a woman you're accustomed to seeing naked suddenly wants to be your bestest friend. Every time you're out with her, you're sitting across from her thinking to yourself "I know what your nipples look like." The result: heartbreak.

Gentlemen: is this true? Does her nudity haunt the back of you eyelids whenever you try spend time with her?

Alas, in the vast majority of cases when a woman says "let's just be friends" it's the kind of friendship where you don't actually do any friend-like things. It just means "if I see you in a bank line I'll say hello and, as an added bonus, I won't say bad things about you to all the single women I know as long as you make sufficient and demonstrated effort to stay out of my life."

Ladies, is this true? Do you actually want to actively avoid spending time with him?

Are there any happy, sexless, loving, caring relationships-turned-friends out there?
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