alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Confused Morning

Very tired today....still haven't caught up from my sleep-deprived weekend (did I mention that we had a 5:30am practice on friday, and an 8:30am practice saturday?). Last night I attempted to go to bed at a decent hour, but didn't actually make it until 1:30. I was just distractedly puttering about the house, too tired and spaced out to realize I needed to put myself to bed.

By the time I finally made it, I must have been really worn out. I fell asleep fairly quickly, and didn't wake up until my alarm went off this morning.

When I started to get out of bed, my eyes tired and sand-filled, I began by searching for my glasses. They weren't on the nightstand anywhere that I could find. I glanced underneath the bed in case they had fallen, but didn't see anything. I decided that it didn't matter; I would just put in my contacts and look for the darn glasses later on.

Blearily I stumbled down the stairs with my eyes barely open, used the toilet, and washed my hands. Then I pulled my contact case off the shelf, opened the right side, and stuck my finger in to contact. After a few tired and confused stabs with my finger looking for it, I realized it wasn't in there. I looked at the lid, in case it was stuck there. It wasn't.

I glanced helplessly around the bathroom in confusion. What was going on? Then I blinked hard several times, and realized: my vision was actually much better than usual. A few more blicks and sticky eye-rubs, and I could see. I had left my contacts in all night.

Oh, so that explains the missing glasses and contact lenses! Strange though. I usually always remove them, no matter how tired I am. I can't remember the last time I've forgotten to take them out.
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