alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Sickly but Better Now

I am sitting here at work wearing a turtleneck, my warmest wool sweater (from Ireland!), and a zipped up hoodie with the hood pulled over my head. I'm mostly warm now. Mostly.

I've been feeling like I'm "on the verge" of coming down with something all week. But I haven't actually gotten sick, just felt like I'm about to. Felt kinda hot/cold/fevery, kinda sensitive/achy in the neck gland area, throat almost sore, very tired ...but no actual cold-like manifestations. Just a general sense of malaise. I wish it would either happen so I can get it over with, or leave me alone.

I have some antibiotics which I'm supposed to take for a week. I just started them last night finally, because it took forever to get my new health insurance figured out. They are to avert another potential problem, but maybe they'll make my almost-sickness go away too.

So far they are not helping though, because I thoughtlessly look one this morning on an empty stomach. Whoops. By the time I was walking into my office, I felt extremely nauseous. Major yuck. Fortunately I had some oatmeal on hand, so I quickly made it and force-fed myself. I really didn't want to eat, but I was hoping it would settle my stomach anyway since I was almost certain it was the pill-empty-stomach thing that had caused the nausea. Less than an hour later I was okay again. I think I got something in there just in time, before any nasty eruptions. Whew, close call!

So anyway, work. Yeah. That's why I'm here. I should go do more of it.
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