alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

DVDs, or lack thereof

It looks like the other half of my cold has found me. *sigh* Good thing the weekend's almost here.
[edit: ooh this is cool, I found a juice drink with vitamins and only 10 calories! Even though it's supposed to be good for colds, I don't like juice 'cause it's full of calories. This seems like a good compromise..yay!]

G came over last night; we've been talking forever about having a Movie And Pizza Night. His wife was busy watching CSI, and I had no plans, so it worked out well.

We planned throughout the afternoon, selecting what movie to watch. I looked through the list of movies he owns, and gave him several options. He came by that evening with two, and I started reading the boxes. I set them down, and we put his half-baked spinach pizza in the oven.

We sat down on the couch and discussed which movie to watch. Then I looked at the two boxes again. Then I looked back at him, embarrassed. "Um," I said awkwardly. "I just remembered. I don't exactly have a DVD player."

Everybody has DVD players these days. Everybody watches DVDs. It is so universal and so natural, I find myself forgetting I don't have one. Of course I have a DVD player...doesn't everyone?

This is a natural and understandable mistake for others to make, assuming that I have a DVD player. But you would think I wouldn't make it myself. You would think I would be aware of what my house contains. You'd be wrong. I really am that spacey sometimes.

In my defense, I actually am capable of watching DVDs when by myself, because my computer can play them. I just can't watch them in the living room, with friends, where the comfy furniture is. So it took me several minutes to remember that the DVDs would be useless.

(I'm not all that behind the times though. I do have a VCR, and it's not even a BetaMax! So there. I don't own many videos though. I'm more of a renter than a buyer.)

Fortunately, I have a ReplayTV, and it came through for us. We turned it on and found a few decent movies that it had recorded for me. Nothing that anybody recommended yesterday, but some good-sounding flicks. Eventually we selected A Place in the Sun, which was fairly interesting. The pizza was excellent, the company good...all in all a nice evening, even without any DVDs.
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