alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Some landscape service left me a note on my door today. It says (on a form, with some handwritten bits I italicized), "I noticed a tree Overgrown Silver Maple. Our price (if you call) would be $575 to remove." What? You want to remove my tree? I love my tree!

You want to charge me lots of money to remove a tree I love?! Bad tree people! No, I'm not calling you! Leave me and my poor tree alone.


In good news though, I washed my teddy bear a little while ago. I forgot him in the dryer for about a week (making my nights extra-lonely), and I finally rescued him a couple of nights ago. Now his fur is soft and fluffy. Extra good for cuddling at night. I love a newly-washed bear.
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