alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Skirts and Boots

I ventured to the mall last week, in search of a new bathing suit. As I walked along a hallway, I noticed that Petite Sophisticate was having a sale. They always have really nice business-clothes for little people, though really expensive. I zipped in to check out the clearance racks, which is where I have purchased most of my work clothing.

I found a skirt for about 70% off. First, I must clarify: I never wear skirts to work. The last time I did so was when I had a funeral to attend. But I have been trying to look a bit more professional at work these days.

Also, I recently bought a really sweet pair of knee-high dressy black boots. They are sexy but sophisticated. I hadn't had a chance to wear them yet -- I haven't had any occasion to wear a dress, and I didn't own any skirts. So when I saw the lined wool skirt, black with a simple off-white plaid, I knew I needed to try it on. It was the bottom part of a suit, but all I wanted was the skirt.

Yesterday, I wore it to work. My new boots underneath, and my stockinged knees exposed inbetween. I felt smart, professional, and sexy.

I got lots of startled double-takes and comments -- remember, I don't wear skirts to work! Of course I got the usual "So when is your interview?" type of questions, but not too much since I've been dressing more professionally in general.

The comment that surprised me most was when B saw me, and he said: "You look like a Catholic schoolgirl!" I suppose it must have been due to the subtle plaid in the skirt. It is not very short, nor is it pleated.

I looked at my legs. "I don't think Catholic schoolgirls are allowed to wear..."

I had been about to say sexy boots. Fortunately my internal censor clicked in just in time, and I realized that would not be entirely work-appropriate. I paused.

" like these," I finished a bit lamely.

B disagreed. I had to admit that I'd never been a Catholic schoolgirl, so I did not know for certain. I was a little bit saddened though, because I was trying to look professional -- not schoolgirlish.

A little bit later on in the day, I walked into our weekly teleconference. B and two female friends of mine were in the room already, chatting quietly, waiting for everyone to assemble. "Do I look like a schoolgirl?" I demanded of the women in the room as I strode in.

D shushed me, pointing at the phone in the middle of the table. "They're already on the conference call!"

Whoops. I felt my cheeks start turn red. I didn't know who might be on the other end of the line already! But I brushed it off, hoping they hadn't heard/understood me. "Hi guys," I said with extra cheer when I got closer to the phone.

Then I turned back to D, whispering the question again. She nodded. I protested. She nodded again, and whispered, "Yes. Very cute, but yes." I sighed. Maybe looking professional is just not in my blood.
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