alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Shopping and Preparing

Last night, I went grocery shopping. Except for forgetting honey, I think I did a good job of stocking up for the time when I expect to be laid up.

I bought only "easy" foods, nothing that would be at all complicated to prepare. I also got lots to drink, and some "pampering" treats. My cart must have looked pretty is what I bought:

many boxes of Lean Cuisines (the Leaning Tower Of Lean Cuisine!)
3 boxes of Lean Pockets
2 boxes frozen veggies
some other random frozen stuff
12 bottles of Propel Fitness Water
12 cans of caffeine-free diet coke
12 cans of diet vanilla pepsi
1 bag fritos, 1 bag cheetos
3 kinds of ice cream bars
break-and-bake cookie dough

Sounds yummy, huh? My freezer is now fully stocked. My fridge has tons of beverages, a jar of pickles, cheese, applesauce, and an orange.

I think I'm ready! Y2K, do your worst. Oh wait, it's not Y2K anymore. Doctors, do your worst! (Actually no, please, don't.) But I'm well-stocked for spending a couple of hassle-free weeks at home.

Also, I put the bed which used to be in the basement into the main floor spare room, so now I don't have to worry about going up and down stairs at night. (My only bathroom is on the main floor.)

It'll be an adventure. I'm not scared.... (Well maybe I am a little.) But it'll be just fine. And eventually, I will be all put back together again, uninjured, and able to pursue the activities I love. That's a good thing.
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