alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Good Thing: sleeping for almost 7 hours straight last night
Bad Thing: going without my painkillers for over 7 hours in a row

Very very sore when I woke up this morning, but I'm better now. Things are going okay; it's just sore. I'm supposed to be elevating my foot above my heart all the time, so I'll keep this short. Like me!

I have a nifty pump thing that is constantly dispensing numbing stuff directly into my knee. Kinda cool! I'll have that until Saturday. I also have a very nice ice pack wrap, and as long as I switch the gel packs out regularly, it makes things feel much better.

I have lots of videos, books, magazines, etc to keep me entertained. I'm also spending a lot of time half-asleep. It's weird: time is moving very slowly for me. Like I took a nap at one point, then I got up and asked my friend who was staying with me, "What have you been doing with yourself all this time, while I've been asleep?"

"It's only been 20 minutes," was the response. Oh. Lots of times I float somewhere right inbetween sleeping and wakefulness. Probably largely a function of my's good though. That's what I need: the ability to give my body lots of rest, so it can heal itself.

Thanks for everyone's good wishes!
Tags: knees
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