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Cars and little girls

I am not a car person. I never have been. I see cars as a convenient means of transportation, but I have never been one to drive just to drive - I drive in order to get somewhere. I've also never been interested in studying them, fixing them, or whatever else. My dad works for a car company, so I know some stuff about them of course, and I live in a car town - but I'm still not a car person. Nor is my father, even though he does work for a car company.

That's what makes this story all the more strange. It was awhile ago, probably a few years, but I was already an adult at the time. I, my father, and my grandmother were driving somewhere, and we parked right next to a Corvette. They are easy to recognize, because of those round taillights. So I said, "Oh, a Corvette - and one of the older ones." My grandmother smiled and said, "Are you turning into a car expert like your daddy?"

And it was weird. Here I was, an adult, but wham I was back to being the child who longed to be "Daddy's Little Girl." I loved the idea that my grandmother thought we had this trait in common. It was as though I was creating this fantasy inside my head, and without even thinking about it I started trying to live it out. So I said to him, all comrade-like, "What year would you say that is?" As though we really were both car experts, and had had many father-daughter conversations like this throughout my life.

He responded, "I don't know." ...and the conversation ended.

Side note: I heard a song on the radio driving home, and the lyrics stated "A circle only has one side." A circle has two sides. The inside, and the outside.
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