alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

A scary glimpse into my thought process:

  1. I see somebody doing the "three question meme"
  2. I think about how I never do memes, preferring to write original content (such as it is)
  3. I think about how I would have trouble with a question meme anyway, because I'm not good at answering questions
  4. I think about how my answers always begin with "um", followed by a needlessly complex explanation
  5. I decide that the term "waffling" is a good description for my question-answering technique, because I don't like direct answers
  6. I am reminded that the Doonesbury comic used to use a floating waffle for one of the, um, vice presidents, I think, because he waffled a lot on decisions
  7. I remember that the waffle was always depicted with a square of butter and some syrup dripping off
  8. My thoughts are taken over with "mmmmmm, waffles!", and I wonder if I can convince anybody to go get waffles with me sometime soon
  9. I am hungry
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