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Boring Knee Updates

I don't have much to say, yet I feel like I should still be writing. I guess the problem is just that my thoughts and activities are very repetitive right now. Mostly very knee-and-healing-obsessed. This stuff is hard work!

So, some knee updates:
  • I saw my surgeon on monday, and he says everything looks fine. He let me take photos of my x-ray (which was disappointingly boring, because it turns out my screws are disolvable and don't show up on an x-ray) and my arthroscope photos (which are kinda neat, and I hope didn't come out blurry). I'll attempt to post some eventually.
  • I saw my PT today and yesterday, and she criticized my shoes. Well, she said I shouldn't be wearing heels yet. It keeps me from straightening my leg properly. Okay, back to wearing my tennies to work. Also, sandles aren't allowed for my exercises. Darn it.
  • Every time I go there, various people tell me I'm not walking right. I know that! I'm trying, it's just not easy. Things I need to think about when walking: straighten the leg as the heel touches. Bend the knee and pick the foot up, like marching.
  • Actually if I think about it I walk fairly okay (for short distances). The challenge is remembering to still think about it when I'm tired or distracted.
  • One of the PT girls made me laugh when she explained that she was only scolding me for my own good. "You want a social life again, don't you, instead of just coming here? I just want you healed and walking right. I want to see you sprinting out of here and never needing us again!" And she mimed a person running away in slow motion, turning and waving dramatically, a big cheesy grin on her face.
  • On the plus side, last week they switched me from cold treatments to heat. Yay, heat! I love lying there for 20 minutes with hot-pads around my knee and electrical stim. Sooo much more relaxing than ice.
  • I asked my doc if I could bike and skate, and he said biking was okay but not skating for at least a month. Then I told my PT what he'd said, and the PT looked surprised. Then he shook his head and said he didn't think biking was a smart idea just yet. But not too much longer hopefully.
  • I asked my PT about the Race for the Cure, and he felt that walking 5K on June 5th was a reasonable goal. Coolness!
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