alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Snow and Memory-Loss

...and February was so long, that it lasted into...May???...

This morning it snowed. Snow! I mean come on, Weather-God, it's almost May. Snow hardly seems fair any longer. I looked out my window, and tried very hard to convince myself that it was just raining. "It's just very light rain, that's why it's being blown about by the wind. Yeah, that's it. Just light, fluffy rain."

As the "raindrops" got bigger and fluffier, I became less convinced. Finally I gave up the game and accepted that it was snowing. It was actually kind of surreal, because I have a pink cherry tree outside my back window. It's been blooming for almost a week now, plus my tulips are up and 3 daffodils (I don't know what happened to my other daffodils; I used to have more).

As I watched the large fluffy snowflakes float past my pink cherry blossoms, I shook my head. I thought the oddity might make a neat photo, so I grabbed my camera and stuck it into my backpack as I headed out to work.

Unfortunately, by the time I got out the door, I'd already forgotten my photography plans. In fact, this morning I forgot the following: photographing the snow/tree, my office swipe card, a company meeting which I was in the process of missing, my bag of PT clothes, my cell phone, a book, and the envelope full of photos I promised I'd distribute at tonight's dinner.

Clearly not my best morning. I was also 1.5 hours late to work, my head still foggy when I finally arrived and settled in. I think I'll blame it on the shocking snow.

It's quite possible that I forgot other things as well, and I simply haven't remembered them yet.
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